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Almanacs and Directories

Almanacs and Directories
By City, County, Province
See also Nobility and Landed Gentry - Directories
Irish Architectural Archive - Dictionary of Irish Architects 1720 - 1940
Search Street Directories at PRONI
Adair's Belfast Directory 1860 - 1861
   Published by Hugh Adair (Belfast, 1860) - FHB
The Belfast and Province of Ulster Directory 1852 - Vol I - 1863 - 1864 - Vol VI
   News-Letter Office (Belfast, 1852, 1863) - FHB
Belfast and Ulster Street Directories 1805 - 1914
   Guide and Directory
   Edited by Deirdre Armstrong (Belfast, 2008) - Website
Ulster Towns Directory 1910
   Transcription - LI

Aldwell's General Post Office Directory of Cork - 1845
   By Aldwell (Cork, 1845) - CCCA
Cork City and County
   A Selection of on-line Directories
   Lucas's 1787; West's 1809 - 1810; Aldwell's 1844 - 1845; Slater's 1846, 1856, 1870, 1881; Laing's 1863; Fulton's 1871; Guy's 1875 - 1876, 1884, 1889, 1891, 1907, 1913, 1921, 1945
   By Cork Past and Present (Cork, retrieved May, 2012) - CCCA
Cork: Its Trade & Commerce
   Official Handbook with Classified Trade Indices
   Cork Incorporated Chamber of Commerce and Shipping (1919) - OL
The County and City of Cork Almanac - 1843
   Calculated and Adapted by Charles Thompson, Esq. (Cork, 1843) - GB
 * Francis Guy's County and City of Cork Directory - 1875 - 1876
   Francis Guy (1875) - OL
* List of Freemen of the City of Cork 1710 - 1841 - CCCA
Official Catalogue of the National Exhibition... held in Cork, 1852
   With Alphabetical Index of the Names of Exhibitors
   Published by John O'Brien (Cork, 1852) - OL

The Kingstown Directory 1867
 - donated by a fan of Free Irish eBooks to the Internet Archive

The Dublin Almanac and General Register of Ireland - 1847
   Pettigrew and Oulton (Dublin 1847) - GB
Henry Shaw's Dublin City Directory - 1850
   Transcription of Alphabetical List - LI
Early Dublin-Printed Almanacs (Seventeenth Century)
   A Paper read to The Bibliographical Society of Ireland. List of Almanacs
   By E. R. M'Clintock (Dublin 1918) - OL
The Irish Industrial Exhibition of 1853
   A Detailed Catalogue of its Contents
   Edited by John Sproule (Dublin, 1854) - IA
* King’s Inns Admission Papers 1607–1867
   By E. Keane P. B. Phair and T. U. Sadleir (1982) - IMC
* The Kingstown Directory
   or, Local Guide (now Dun Laoghaire)
   Published by John Mullany (Kingstown, 1867) - IA
The Post Office Dublin Directory and Calendar - 1918 - Vol I - 1918 - Vol II - Vol III
   Dublin City and County; 86th Annual Publication
   Published by Alex Thom and Co. (Dublin, 1917) - FHB
The Treble Almanack for the year - 1804 - 1815 - 1822 - 1832
    I. John Watson Stewarts Almanack   II. The English Court Registry   III. Wilsons Dublin Directory... (Dublin, 1815 - 1832) - GB, HT
* Wilson's Directory of Dublin 1830   
   Printed by William Corbet (Dublin, 1830) - HT

KING'S COUNTY (Co. Offaly)
* The King's County Directory
   including a short history, coloured map, almanac and calendar
   By the John WrightProprietor of the 'King's County Chronicle' (Parsonstown, 1890) - FHB


Freemen of Limerick - 1746 - 1838
   A list of Mayors and Sheriffs of Limerick 1867 - 1944
   From North Munster Antiquarian Journal (Limerick, 1944) LCC


Tipperary's Families: Being the Hearth Money Records for 1665-6-7
   By Thomas Laffan (Dublin, 1911) - AAI

History, Guide and Directory of County and City of Waterford
   By P. M. Egan (Kilkenny, 1895) - AAI

The Grand Juries of the County of Westmeath
   From the Year 1727 to the Year 1853 with An Historical Appendix (biographical notes)
   Printed by John Charles Lyons (Ledestown, 1853) - AAI

Boyle Abbey, County Roscommon from 'The Beauties of Ireland' Vol I

* BARRINGTON: Extracts from Dublin Almanacks 1735 - 1850
   Appendix II (p. 313) of 'The Barringtons - A Family History'
   By Amy Barrington (privately printed Dublin, 1917) - FHB

* The Beauties of Ireland - Vol I - Vol II
   being Original Delineations, Topographical, Historical and Biographical of Each County
   By J. N. Brewer, Esq. (London, 1825, 1826) - OL

A Biographical Index of British and Irish Botanists - 
First Supplement - 1893 - 1897
   By James Britten, F.L.S. and G. S. Boulger, F.L.S., F.G.S. (London, 1898 - 1899) - IA

Bradshaw's Shareholders' Guide, Railway Manual and Directory - 1857
   Includes Irish railways, lists of Directors, etc.
   Pub. by W. J. Adams, London, Bradshaw and Blackrock, Manchester (London, Manchester, 1857) - GB

The Catholic Who's Who and Year Book - 1908
   Edited by Sir F. C. Burnand (London, 1908) - IA

The Celtic Who's Who - 1921
   Names and Addresses of Workers who contribute to Celtic Literature, Music or other Cultural Activities
   By The Fifeshire Advertiser (Kirkcaldy, 1921) - IA

Crockford's Clerical Directory - 1860 - 
1861 - 1868
   including the Established Church of Ireland
   Pub. by Crockford'sHorace Cox (London, 1868) - HT, IA

   - House of Commons and the Judicial Bench - 1870 - 1881 - 1886 - 1901 - 1916 - 1918 - 1922 (56th Annual Edition)
   Illustrated Heraldic and Biographical
   By Robert Henry Mair, LL.D., Arthur G. M. Hesilrige (London, 1870 - 1922) - OL - For more Debrett's, Burke's, etc. directories see Nobility and Landed Gentry; see also Parliament

A Dictionary of Irish Artists - Vol I A to K - Vol II - L to Z
   One Hundred and Fifty Portraits, Etc.
   By Walter G Strickland (Dublin, London, 1913) - AAI Note: Large files! - Transcription also available - LI

An Improved Topographical and Historical Hibernian Gazetteer
   To which is added an introduction to the ancient and modern History of Ireland
   By Rev. G. Hansbrow (Dublin, 1835) - IA

* Introductory Essay to a New System of Civil and Ecclesiastical Topography

   and Itinerary of Counties of Ireland
   By Rev. Matthew Sleater, A.M. (Bolton Street, 1806) - HT

The Irish Linen Trade Hand-Book and Directory
   By F. W. Smith (Belfast, 1876) - IA

* The London Kalendar: or, Court and City Register

   for England, Scotland, Ireland and America for the Year 1804; all the Peers, Baronets, all the Law, State, Revenue, and Public, Offices, Bankers, Deans, etc.
   Printed by John Stockdale (London, 1804) - OL

Mansion House (London) Exhibition of Irish Lace 1883
   A History of the Industry with Illustrations and a Map showing the Districts where the Lace is Produced
   By Unknown author (London, 1883) - OL

The Medical Register - 1779 - 1783
   Printed for Joseph Johnson; J. Murray (London, 1779 - 1783) - OL

   A Biographical Hand-List; scattered Irish references
   By Joseph Foster (London, 2nd ed. 1885) - OL

The National Gazetteer of Great Britain and Ireland - Vol I
   Abbas Combe to Eyeworth
The National Gazetteer of Great Britain and Ireland - Vol II
   Faccombe to Myton-Upon-Swale
The National Gazetteer of Great Britain and Ireland - Vol III
   Naas to Zouch Mill
   A topographical Dictionary of the British Islands
   Published by Virtue and Co (London, 1868) - OL

A New Gazetteer; or, Topographical Dictionary of The British Islands and Narrow Seas - Vol I

A New Gazetteer; or, Topographical Dictionary of The British Islands and Narrow Seas - Vol II
   By James A. Sharp (London, 1852) - OL


* Second Edition of the Commercial Directory of Ireland, Scotland
   and the four most Northern Counties of England for 1821 - 1822 and 1823
   Pub. by J. Pigot and Co (Manchester, 1820) - IA


I. Slater's National Commercial Directory of Ireland
   Pub by I. Slater (Manchester, London, 1846) - GB

The Survey Gazetteer of the British Isles
   Topographical, Statistical and Commercial; with Special Maps
   Edited by J. G. Bartholomew (London, 1904) - OL


   Irish Almanac and Official Directory - 1850 - 1857
   By Alexander Thom, Printer and Publisher (Dublin, 1850, 1857) - GB
   Irish Almanac and Official Directory - 1862
   See Dublin Street Directory 1862; County , City and Borough Directories
   Transcription - LI
   Irish Who's Who - 1923
   First Edition
   By Alexander Thom, Printer and Publisher (Dublin, 1923) - GB

A Topographical Dictionary of Great Britain and Ireland - Vol I of III

   By John Gorton, G. N. Wright, M.A. (London, 1831) - IA

A Topographical Dictionary of Ireland

   By Nicholas Carlisle (London, 1810) - OL


A Topographical Dictionary of Ireland, Vol. I - Vol. II
  Second Edition
   By Samuel Lewis (London, 1847) - GB, IA
   Transcription also available of 1837 edition - LI

A Topographical Dictionary of the United Kingdom - Vol I - 
Vol II
   46 maps
   By Benjamin Pitts Capper, Esq. (London, 1808) - OL

* A Topographical Index of the Parishes and Townlands of Ireland

   in Sir William Petty's MSS Barony Maps (c. 1655-9) and Hiberniae Delineatio (c. 1672)
   By Yann M. Goblet, Docteur es Lettres (1932) - IMC

Traders' Tokens of the Seventeenth Century 
   Section on Ireland   
   By George C. Williamson (London, 1891) - IA

Who Was Who
   A Companion to "Who's Who" containing the biographies of those who died 1897-1916
   A and C Black (London, 1920) - IA
Who's Who Year Book - 1907 - 1914 - 1926 - 1935
  An Annual Biographical Dictionary
   Printed by Adam & Charles Black (London, 1907 - 1935) - IA
Who's Who - 1944 - 1947
   Printed by The Macmillan Company (London, 1944 - 1947) - IA
Who's Who - 1951 - 1958 1962 - 1963
   Printed by Adam & Charles Black (London, 1951 - 1963) - IA

AAI = Ask About Ireland

CCCA = Cork City and County Archives
CCL = Clare County Library (read online only)
CIGHS = Centre for Irish Genealogical and Historical Studies
FHB = Family History Books
GB = Google Books
HT = HathiTrust Digital Library (read online only, login to visitor account may be required)
IA = Internet Archive
IMC = Irish Manuscripts Commission - Digital Editions
LCC = Limerick City Council - Local Studies
LI = Library Ireland
NYSHL - New York State Historical Literature - Cornell University Library
OIR = Oireachtas Parliament of Ireland
OL = Open Library
PG = Project Gutenberg
U-SA = Ulster-Scots Agency

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